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Critical Thinking-Fallacy PHIL101

Critical Thinking-Fallacy PHIL101 - assuming that the drop...

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The fallacy I observed was a little back ago. I remember seeing this poster that said “If you drop out of High School, you’ll end up on the street because paying for a baby isn’t cheap.” I believe this was a Misidentification of The Cause. We really can’t see the cause and effect. The person who came up with the poster is saying that if I drop out of high school, I will already have a baby and I will have trouble paying for its care. It goes from dropping out of high school to having a baby and having troubles. The person isn’t taking many things in for consideration- If you drop out of high school, that doesn’t mean you automatically have a baby and a burden of its wellbeing. If you drop out of high school, that doesn’t necessarily mean you you’ll end up on the street. You can get a job or you can have some talent that can shine. For example Jay Z. He dropped out of high school and yet he’s making millions in less than a year. Its making a hasty generalization that dropping out of high school will land you in unknown water. The person is
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Unformatted text preview: assuming that the drop out has no family, friends, or anyone to get help from, whether regarding the child or school itself. This misidentification of the cause is not even sound. There are no reasons to back up the conclusion. Its invalid. I believe that the person committed this fallacy on purpose because the poster attracted attention of High School students because well the poster was in a High School. Their motive behind their words is to have kids stay in school. A lot of kids will fall for such because it ties down to their emotions. It encourages kids to stay in school and not drop out because it could mean harm to them. The person deliberately committed this fallacy because this poster is in practically every High School I’ve been to. I don’t think the person meant any harm by saying so. I don’t think they were pointing fingers or anything but rather they just wanted to raise a thought in the persons mind to think about the consequences of being a drop out....
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