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Saurav Kumar Philosophy 101 1. Define philosophy a. Philosophy is the love of wisdom. b. Philos (Love), Sophia (Wisdom). c. Philosophy is the effort to answer Big Questions. 2. Explain 8 qualities of a critical thinker. a. Open Minded- In discussions they listen carefully to every point, evaluating each perspective carefully and fairly. b. Knowledgeable- When they offer an opinion, its always based on facts or evidence. c. Mentally active- They take initiative and actively use their intelligence to confront d. Curious- They explore situations with probing questions that penetrate beneath the surface of issues, instead of being satisfied with superficial explanations. e. Independent thinkers- They are not afraid to disagree with the group opinion. They develop well supported beliefs through thoughtful analysis, instead of “borrowing” them. f. Skilled Discussants- Are able to discuss ideas in an organized and intelligent way. g. Insightful- They are able to get to the heart of the issue or problem. While others may be distracted by details, they are able to zero in on the essence, seeing the ‘forest’ and as well as the ‘trees.’ h. Self aware- They are aware of their own basis and are quick to point them out and
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PHIL Questions-Week1&Week2 - Saurav Kumar...

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