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British Columbia - geo - British Columbia Population and...

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British Columbia Population and the Centralist/Decentralist Faultline - See Bone p. 313 - 1901 – population of B.C. = 3% of Canada - 2001 – population of B.C. = 13.2% of Canada - B.C. – only province to make “substantial” population gains in each decade Sources of pop… Did all this?? Net result: - BC pop…. - BC seats… More generally: - Canada’s vast space + economic competition between regions/provinces +policy differences (provinces vs. Ottawa) = regional self-interest is natural outcome of Canada’s physical and human geography; regionalism is a fact of life in Canada - Challenges to east-west alignment and therefore to national unity summarize by 4 centrifugal forces: o 1. Regions separated by great distance – trade/commerce difficult o 2. Regions compete with each other (out of regional self-interest) o 3. Cause political competition over funding between Ottawa and provinces (based on division of powers defined in Constitution) o 4. ? Result: - North-south orientation (is more “natural”) o BC Pacific Northwest o Prairies Great Plains o Ont/Que US Heartland o Atlantic Can New England - Net result – regional tensions among Canada’s regions + linkage to America - Centralists o Advocate strong central government; national policies dominate provinces; strong national
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British Columbia - geo - British Columbia Population and...

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