geo - near north - Geo 2RC3 Regions of Canada Part III The...

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Geo 2RC3 – Regions of Canada Part III The Near North - Map of near north - There is no near north according to stats CAN - Introduction o Regional boundaries – physical (vs. Bone’s use of political boundaries) o 40% of Canada’s area; 8% of population o The Near North as: Transitional region (between inhabited south and largely uninhabited north); also, transitional in terms of economy/environmental Physical barrier Resources Identity (nordicity – degree of northerness of a place) Hinterland region - The physical Environment o 4.6 million km squared o Other names – Laurentian Highland/Uplands o Precambrian rock (mostly granite) o Low relief because of glaciation**** (potential exam question) o “Prototypical” Canadian landscape – lakes, rock forest - Muskeg: bog/marsh formed by the accumulation of decaying organic matter, found in arctic/subarctic environment - Effects of physical environment on settlement o Agriculture settlement limited to Clay Belts (Ont/Que Border) o Concentration of population on southern edge of region o Urban system based on resource towns, mill towns, mining towns – company towns o Linear settlement pattern along rail lines - Due to vast physical expanse – region lacks geographic focus – 3 sub-regional centres: o Thunder Bay 122,907 o Sudbury 158,258 o Chicoutimi-Jonquiere 151,643 o (2006 populations) - Physical resource base o Forest products – wood, pulp and paper o Minerals o Hydroelectric power - Factors affecting resource development: o Economic accessibility of resources o Environmental concerns o External economic factors – globalization, foreign competition, demand o Native land claims - Alternative’ ideas for economic development o Retirement communities – Elliot Lake o Waste disposal – Timmins, Kirkland Lake o Eco-tourism – Temagami - Environmental Issues in the Near North
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o Northwestern Ontario – English-Wabigon river system o Externalities: unpriced, unintended consequences (positive and/or negative) of one’s actions, i.e.,
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geo - near north - Geo 2RC3 Regions of Canada Part III The...

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