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CSC 100 Study Guide – April 3, 2006 Exam #3 - April 10, 2006 1. Know the definitions of the following terms/concepts and their significance. ARPANET bridge browsers bus network coaxial cable client computer communications channel communication software concentrator data communications domain name electronic mail electronic bulletin boards facsimile transmission fiber optic cable File Transfer Protocol (FTP) file server firewall gateway hierarchical network Hypertext Transfer Protocol infrastructure information services information utilities interface unit internet internet backbone internet service provider JAVA links microwave systems modem multiplexer repeaters ring network
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Unformatted text preview: routers satellite transmissions server computer star network TCP/IP telecommuting teleconferencing telemonitoring telenet uniform resource locator(URL) world wide web 2. Know the components that are required for a communication systems. 3 Be able to give examples of Data Communication. 4. Know what the types of Data Communication are. 5. Know how the four network topologies work. 6. Know the characteristics of the four network topologies. 7. Know the differences between a WAN and a LAN . 8. Know the various features of the INTERNET . 9. Know the structure/protocol of the Client-Server relationship....
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