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Essay Questions for Review

Essay Questions for Review - REL 100.12 Introduction to...

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REL 100.12 Introduction to Religion Fall Semester, 2008 Review Questions for Test #3 The essay question for Test #3 will be drawn from the questions below. Thus, as a part of your preparation for the test, it would be wise to prepare to write clear, complete and well- written answers to all of these questions. Use examples to make your answers clearer and to show that you understand. Question on Chapter Eight: 1. Four different people each represent one of the four different kinds of morality--taboo, allegiance, universal laws, and basic value. In spite of this difference, all four agree that murdering one's brother or sister is wrong . Write an essay clearly describing the different reasons which each one of the four would give to explain why murdering a sibling is wrong. Be specific about each of the four kinds of morality. Question on Chapter Nine: 2. Why do some religious believers feel the need to interpret their scriptures "loosely" or non- literally? Give examples of passages in the Bible or in other sacred scripture which many
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