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Test #4 Essay Questions for Review

Test #4 Essay Questions for Review - 1 How did Galileo's...

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REL 100.12 Introduction to Religion Fall Semester, 2008 Review Questions for Test #4 The essay question on the fourth test will be drawn from the questions below. Thus, as a part of your preparation for the test, it would be wise to prepare to write clear, complete and well-written answers to all of these questions. Use examples to make your answers clearer and to show that you understand. Note: as usual, some of the multiple-choice questions will be drawn from the same material as these essay questions. Thus, any studying you do for the essays will also help you with some of the multiple-choice questions. Questions on Chapter Twelve:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. How did Galileo's type of work and thought lead to deism? (Be sure to describe thoroughly what deism is as well as what Galileo's work and thought were all about.) 2. Explain briefly Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, and show explicitly how it contributed to the rise of agnosticism. Question on Chapter Thirteen: 3. Explain Jean-Paul Sartre's idea of the universe and the human place in it, and show how this idea is compatible with the modern emphasis on the autonomy of the individual. Question on Chapter Fourteen: 4. Describe the four modern challenges to religion as explained in the text....
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