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Sects of Buddhism

Sects of Buddhism - Intuition or inspiration comes after a...

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There are at least five main branches of Buddhist thought, with many variations within each branch: Theravada Buddhism Most conservative. If not a monk, then this life is a sabbatical Not to worship the Buddha, who was just a man like every other man, but to pay respect and follow his teachings Many Buddhas in the past and many more to come Mahayana Buddhism, ~ most syncretistic of religions Some teachings only given to his disciples He was more than a man…almost divine Many Buddhas in the cosmos, all helping us reach enlightenment Bodhisattvas are almost Buddhas and to be followed and ‘worshiped’ Intuitive Sects like Zen and Ch’an
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Unformatted text preview: Intuition or inspiration comes after a time of meditation Non-theistic Buddha nature is within the self The Rationalistic Sects These groups felt that along with irrational meditation, one could study the scriptures and writings rationally and logically to find truth The Sociopolitical (Nichiren) Sect This group, found only in Japan stresses nationalism and loyalty to Japan. Followers interpret Buddhism in a political way. Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama Tantric, from the Tantras … texts teaching magical spells Pure Land Buddhism The Buddha is a savior come to take the believer away to an eternal paradise...
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