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Hindu Definitions

Hindu Definitions - Hindu History and Definitions 1,000...

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Hindu History and Definitions 1,000 B.C.E. ARYANS Light skinned, from what is now Iran Persian and Greek Concepts MILITANT, ACTIVE, EXPLORER, RULER TYPES DRAVIDIANS Dark skinned, pastoral SETTLED, URBAN ARTISTS, MERCHANTS VARNA = COLOR (From the term we use for brown varnish ) A CREATION MYTH PURUSHA – a Primordial Giant sacrified to create the universe Mouth: Priests…….Brahmin Four Castes from his: Arms: Military and Kings…….Kshatriyas Thighs: Merchants and commonsers…….Vaishyas Feet: Laborers and poor…….Shudras Caste System…..P. 85 Each has special duties or DHARMA For the Brahmanas – Priest-philosophers and Scholars (Brahmins – Priestly Class) he crated teaching, studying, sacrifice, officiating at sacrifice, giving of gifts and receiving gifts For the Kshatriyas – Warrior-rulers, Politicians, Civil Authorities (Warrior Class) he created the protection of people, giving gifts, performing sacrifices, studying, and non-attachment to sense pleasures.
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