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HINDU SCRIPTURES Vedas (The Oldest Parts) SHRUTI - "What's been told to the sages" 1. Mantras Rig-Veda Sama-Veda Yajur-Veda Atharva-Veda Knowledge Knowledge of Chants Knowledge of Rites … from Atharva Hymns to Indra Hymns in Litanies/Prayers Charms and Spells (Aryan Gods) Soma Sacrifice For Devotion Practical Everyday Creators of (Jealousy, lust Universe hate and fear) 2. Brahmanas Explanations of Sacrifices 3. Aranyakas (Later Brahmanas)
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Unformatted text preview: Forest Treatises Vedanta End of the Vedas 4. Upanishads SMRITI - What's been heard Emphasis in on one God, Brahmin and on meditation rather than official sacrifice LAW OF MANU The Varna (Caste) System and the four stages of life The Classical Mythical Poem MAHABHARATA with the Bhagavad Gita Telling the story of the incarnation of KRISHNA Eighth avatar of Vishnu (4th Century B.C.E.)...
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