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Things to be done in Week 5 (Sept.19): INFS 3380: Spring, 2011 In this week, i.e. in the 5 th week, you are expected to do the following: Start Assignment 2 and continue working on it. Review the materials of Chapter 3 and 4. Read and practice the materials in SimpleLayoutUsingTable.doc Read Chapter 5. It is a descriptive and interesting chapter. It does not have any code exercise. It outlines some design issues in a nice fashion. It is an easy-reading short chapter. If you do not understand any topics, please feel free to post questions on the discussion board. Our first online regular quiz (WebQuiz2, the first web quiz was the syllabus quiz) will become available at 2:00PM, Friday, Sept. 23. It will be kept available until 11:55PM, Monday, Sept. 26,
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Unformatted text preview: 2011. It will contain about 30 to 40 multiple choices questions (to be answered in 60 minutes) from: o All materials of Chapter 1 through Chapter 5 o All PowerPoint slides and exercises demonstrated in the slides. o All discussion board materials. o All materials in the Assignments o All materials addressed in all related handouts and short movies by Eric Meyer. • You must use Firefox to take the quiz. • You will have exactly one shot in one sitting (to take the quiz) • If for some reason the system terminates the quiz session, take a screen shot of the screen as a proof, and send me an email attaching the screen shot....
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