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07_FL2011ThingsToBeDoneInWeek7 - (given that you have read...

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Things to be done in Week 7 (Oct. 3): INFS 3380: Spring, 2011 In this week, i.e. in the 7 th week, you are expected to do the following: Review Chapter 6 and 7 along with the relevant PowerPoint slide files. Read Chapter 8 and BooksCh8.ppt. Actually most of the <table> tag related materials have already been covered in MyChapter4.ppt, so there won’t be much new materials in Chapter 8
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Unformatted text preview: (given that you have read and practiced the examples in MyChapter4.ppt. • I have posted a new PowerPoint slide file named AhmedsFramesExample.ppt in the Lecture Materials > Slides and Handouts section. Read this resource. The examples illustrated in this resource are available in the AhmedsFrameset subfolder of AhmedsSamples.zip file in the Lecture Materials > SampleCodes...
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