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Things to be done in Week 10 (Oct. 24): INFS 3380: Spring, 2011 The 10 th week would be important week for us. In this week we will gradually get introduced to various JavaScript programming features to make our otherwise static pages somewhat dynamic (i.e., DHTML: Dynamic HTML). I would like to remind you that I have posted the 1 st part of my JavaScript materials on the Blackboard > Lecture Materials >Slides and Handouts as AhmedsJSPart1.zip . Please download the resource and unzip it. You will need this resource along with materials in Chapter 9 and Chapter 14. Please recall that in the last week, you were expected to study the materials in the my first
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Unformatted text preview: JavaScript handout from page 1 to 14. In this week you are expected to do the following: • Continue working on Assignment 3 • Read Chapter 14. • Read and Practice the materials from page 15- page 40 of MyJavaScript Handout 1. • Our next on-line quiz will be kept available to the students from 2:00PM, Friday, Oct. 28 to 11:55PM, Monday, Oct. 31, 2011 . It will contain all materials covered in our class so far. It will be a comprehensive quiz; however, there will be relatively more materials from the newer chapters. For details, please see the syllabus....
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