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Things to be done in Week 13 (Nov 14.): INFS 3380: Fall, 2011 I have replaced previously posted Part A and Part B of Assignment 4 with the version 2 of the Assignment 4. It contains the complete assignment (Part A, Part B and Part C). I have also posted my lecture materials on Java Script Part 2 in the Lecture Materials > Slides and Handouts section of the blackboard. Please download these resources In this week (i.e. the 13 th week), you are expected to do the following: Continue reading Chapter 14, and AhmedsJSPart A.doc handout. Practice the examples repetitively until you have understood the concepts and techniques in writing JavaScript
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Unformatted text preview: codes. • After you have completed the above chores, start doing Assignment 4A. • In last week, you were expected to read page 1 to 14 of AhmedsJSPart2.docx file. You must have observed that some of the materials at the beginning of this handout have already been covered in Chapter 9 and 14. In this week, read these materials again. Then read and practice the materials in pages 14-22 . The contents of these pages are important. These will introduce the concepts of iteration structures in a programming language. Be sure that you understand these materials real good....
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