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Things to be done in Week 15 (Nov 28.): INFS 3380: Fall, 2011 Okay, I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving! Now it is the time again to get back into studies. Fortunately, if have tried remain in synch with the class, you will not have much materials for this week In this week (i.e. the 15 th week) we are expected to do the following: Perhaps complete Assignment 4 and/or continue working on it. It is due next week Monday. Finish the remainder of the materials in the JavaScript Handout 2. Reminder: Our 3
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Unformatted text preview: rd quiz will be kept open from 2:00PM, Friday, Dec. 2 to 11:55 PM, Monday, Dec.5. It will be a comprehensive quiz; however there will be relatively more questions from JavaScript. Reminder: Our proctored handwritten exam is scheduled from Dec 13 to Dec 14. Please read the syllabus on the policies and procedures for the proctored handwritten exam. If any of you are from out of town, you may contact the UT DL office to schedule an off campus test. The details are available in the syllabus....
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