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INFS 3250 - Assignment 1

INFS 3250 - Assignment 1 - Number format with no decimals...

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INFS 3250 – Assignment 1 Objective: Enter labels and format data. Use a formula. Save a workbook. 1. Open PieSales. 2. Select cells B9:E9 and click the AutoSum button. 3. Key an appropriate label in cell A9 and make it bold. 4. Set the font size for this row to match the other data rows. 5. In cell F4, key Year Totals. Copy the format from another label and widen the column. 6. Select cells F5:F9 and use AutoSum. Set the font size to match. 7. Select all the values and use the Format Cells dialog box to set
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Unformatted text preview: Number format with no decimals and the thousands separator. 8. Make the totals in row 9 and in column F bold. 9. Rename the worksheet Pies . Choose a color for the tab. 10. Change to the Metro theme. 11.Key your first and last name in cell A12. Preview the worksheet. 12. Make cell A1 the active cell, and save the workbook as [your initials] Assign1 in your Lesson 2 folder. 13.Prepare and submit your work. Close the workbook....
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