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INFS 3250 - Assignment 2 - values up to Sunday. Copy the...

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INFS 3250 – Assignment 2 Objective: Create a series. Create a table and use cell styles. Prepare a footer. 1. Create a new workbook. Rename Sheet1 as ShakeSales . Save the workbook as [your initials]Assign2 in your Lesson 3 folder. 2. Key Klassy Kow Ice Cream Shops in cell A1. Key Daily Shake Sales in [ your home city] in cell A2. 3. In cell B3, key Chocolate . In cell C3, key Vanilla . 4. In cell A4, key Monday . Fill in the days of the week up to and including Sunday in column A. Key Day in cell A3. 5. In cell B4, key 4 . In cell B5, key 8 . Extend this series down column B to fill in
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Unformatted text preview: values up to Sunday. Copy the entire range of values to the Vanilla column. 6. Create a table for rows 3:11 using any style. Set your own row heights. 7. Use the cell style gallery to format the labels in cells A1:A2 to coordinate with your table, or apply your own formatting. 8. Select the Total Row from the Table Tools Design tab. Show totals for both columns. 9. Add a footer with your name at the left, the filename in the center, and the sheet name at the right. 10.Prepare and submit your work. Close the workbook....
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