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INFS 3250 – Assignment 3 Insert and move worksheets. Align labels; use borders and fill. Copy data and formats. 1. Open EstKowO and save it as [your initials] Assign3 in your folder. 2. Insert two new worksheets and name them Nevada and Washington . 3. Arrange the worksheets so that they are in alphabetical order, left to right. Use a different accent color for each tab. 4. On the Oregon sheet, center the labels in rows 1:2 over the data and apply a lighter shade of the tab color as fill. Right-align the labels in row 3. 5. Use the tab color for a double top border for row 1. Apply a double bottom border to row 2 using the same color. Make each of these rows slightly taller. Then set the vertical alignment of cell A2 to Center so that the amount of space above the labels appears to be equal to the space below. 6. Select cells A3:D18.
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Unformatted text preview: Use the Border tab to apply single inside borders and single left, right and bottom borders (same color as the tab). Apply single side borders to rows 1:2 to complete the design. 7. Copy and paste cells A1:D4 on the Oregon sheet to the same range on the Nevada sheet. Click the Paste Options button and choose Keep Source Column Widths . Paste with the same options to the Washington sheet. 8. Copy cells B5:D11 from the Oregon sheet to the Nevada sheet. From the Paste Options, choose Formatting Only . Paste with the same options to the Washington sheet. 9. Change the fill and border colors on the Nevada sheet to match its tab color. Add a footer. Do the same for the Washington sheet. 10. Add a header to the Oregon sheet. Prepare and submit your work. 11.Save and close the workbook....
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