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INFS 3250 - Assignment 5 - f. Click cell E16. Click the...

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INFS 3250 – Assignment 5 Use Math & Trig functions. Use Statistical functions. 1. Open Holiday Pay . Save it as [your initials] Assign5 . 2. Click the Select All button. Then click the Bold button. All cells are set for bold. 3. Move the data in cells C13:H16 to start in cell C9. 4. In cell C15, key Number of Employees . 5. Use math and trig functions by following these steps: a. Click cell H13. b. Key =sum( to start the function. c. Click cell H6 and drag to select cells H6:H12. Press enter. d. In cell E15, key =counta( to start the function. e. Click cell C6 and drag to select cells C6:C12. Press enter. 6. In cell I6, key a formula to multiply the hours worked by the holiday rate. Widen the column slightly and copy the formula through row 12. 7. Use math and trig and statistical functions by following these steps: a. Click cell I13. Click the Formulas tab. c. Scroll and click SUM . d. Check that the range to be summed is I6:812. Click OK . e. Widen column I as needed.
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Unformatted text preview: f. Click cell E16. Click the Insert Function button. g. In the Or select a category list, choose All . Quickly key coun and find COUNTIF . Select it and click OK . h. For the Range box, select cells I6:I12. i. In the Criteria box, key >250 to count employees who earned more than $250. Click OK . 8. Key Over $250 in cell C16. 9. Add Top and Double Bottom borders to cells H13:I13. 10.Press CTRL+HOME. Add a footer and adjust the left and/or right margin to fit the sheet to a portrait page. 11. Make a copy of the worksheet and name it Formulas . Have the formulas utilized in the spreadsheet on this page. 12.Press CTRL+~. AutoFit the columns. 13. Click the Page Layout tab. Click the Page Orientation button and choose Landscape . 14. In the Scale to Fit group, click the arrow with the Width button. Choose 1 page . Use the same choice for Height . 15.Prepare and submit your work. Save and close the workbook....
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