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INFS 3250 – Assignment 6 Use the IF function. 1. Open CustBirth and save it as [your initials] Assign6 . 2. Right-click the column D heading and insert a column. In cell D3, key Born after 2000? 3. In cell A21, key 12/31/00 . This is the last date in 2000, and you will refer to this cell in the IF function. 4. Use the IF function by following these steps: a. Click cell D4 and click the Formulas tab. b. Click the Logical button and choose IF . c. Click cell C4 and key >. d. Click cell A21 and press F4 to make the reference absolute. The logical test determines if the date in cell C4 is greater than the date in cell A21 (that is, it is after that date).
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Unformatted text preview: e. Click in the Value_if_true box. Key Yes . f. Click in the Value_if_false box. Key No and click OK . 5. Center the results. Copy the formula to cells D5:D20. 6. Right-click the row 21 heading and hide the row. Add the missing border. Press CTRL+HOME. 7. Add a header: On the Page Layout tab in the Scale to Fit group, set both the Width and Height commands to 1 page . 8. Make a copy of the worksheet and name it CustBirthdaysFormulas . Display the formulas, fit the columns, and fit the sheet to one landscape page. 9. Prepare and submit your work. Save and close the workbook....
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