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INFS 3250 - Assignment 8

INFS 3250 - Assignment 8 - Click the Italic button 4 Format...

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INFS 3250 – Assignment 8 Change the chart layout and style. Edit the chart title. Format axes. Add data labels. 1. Open NovReceipts and save it as [your initials] Assign8 . Change the Zoom size to 80% and adjust column widths if necessary. 2. Change the chart layout and style by following these steps: a. Click the chart background to select the chart. b. Click the Chart Tools Design tab and change to Layout 1 . c. Change to Style 45 . 3. Edit the chart title by following these steps: a. Click the chart title to select it. b. Double-click November and key December in its place. c. Point at the chart title to display a four-pointed arrow. Drag the title left to align with the state names. d. Triple-click the title and point at the Mini toolbar.
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Unformatted text preview: Click the Italic button. 4. Format an axis and delete the legend by following these steps: a. Right-click any value on the horizontal axis. Choose Format Axis . b. On the Axis Options pane, click the arrow for Display units . Choose Thousands and click Close . Excel automatically scales the values. c. Click Series 1 (the legend). Press Delete. 5. Add data labels by following these steps: a. Right-click any bar and choose Add data labels . b. Right-click one of the data labels. Choose Format Data Labels . c. Click Number . Choose Currency with decimals and $ English (United States) as the Symbol . Click Close . 6. Prepare and submit your worksheet. Save and close the workbook....
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