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3 (4) - mentioned in the article were whistle blower and...

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The article is all about the ground reality of whistle blowing and financial services industry. The article is about that how whistle blower policy is implemented in corporate and how they are violated. I think that majority of the people were real whistle blower and might be one or two are disgruntled employee looking for revenge and taking the help of whistle blowing. However given the weak law protection, it is very difficult to identify who is saying truth and who untruthful. As in all of the cases, companies never admit that the employee being fired was a whistle blower and they would never accept that openly. As this would expose them in the public and the weakness in their internal control procedures. Therefore I think most of the people
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Unformatted text preview: mentioned in the article were whistle blower and the fact is also proved correct as most of the people mentioned in the article were working in the fraud reporting department of the companies. I don’t think it make any sense for someone to blow the whistle, just because he came of something, which is not correct. Even if someone has the job of reporting the frauds, then he should think of the severity of the fraud and take his management into the confidence that the news of fraud wont go out in the market and they will be able to resolve the issue internally. Unless there is support of management, there is no point being acting a hero and reporting the matter....
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