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dd - such teams Why do cross-functional self-managed teams...

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BUSI 201 SECTION 3587  INTRO BUSINESS   FALL 2011 Professor Jon Poole Individual Homework Assignment: The below questions from Week 3. 1. What are the four functions of management? 2. What are the seven D’s in decision making? 3. What are the differences between strategic, tactical, and operational planning? 4. How does enabling help achieve empowerment? 5. What are the five steps in the control process? 6. What are the SWOT elements for your team project company? 7. What are some of the changes happening in management today? 8. What do the terms division of labor and job specialization mean? 9. What are the principles of management outlined by Fayol? 10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of departmentalization? 11. What are the various ways a firm can departmentalize? 12. What is a matrix organization? What advantages and disadvantages are associated with this type of organization? 13. What is a cross-functional, self-managed team? Who would serve on
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Unformatted text preview: such teams? Why do cross-functional, self-managed teams often lead to networking? 14. Explain the difference between a firm’s formal organization and its informal organization. Why are both types of organization important to managers? Video Case Questions: I. How does the open book management style employed by new Belgium Brewery motivate employees? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such management strategies? II. Go through the five steps of the control function listed in the text and explain how they would be implemented with a telecommuter. III. What leadership style is exemplified by allowing employees to work at home? Is there a reason why such work has become so popular? Each question answer should be (1-2 paragraphs) and submit via the assignment drop box (Blackboard). Due date is Saturday – October 1st, 2011 prior to class. BUSI 201 Section 3587 – Intro Business Pg. 1 of 1...
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