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Summary of “The Assumptions of the Linear Regression Model,” page 145-148 Poole and O’Farrell begin their article by first discussing a history of regression modeling in the fields of geography and planning which disregard sufficient attention the assumptions of the linear regression model that are necessary to ensure that the models results are valid. They claim that this practice has stemmed from a common problem amongst writers in these fields. That is, they discuss regression analysis too briefly so as to not allow sufficient discussion of the assumptions. Those who did broach the subject of the regression assumptions, like Cole and King in 1968, did so insufficiently as they only mention one of the models assumptions. In 1968, Yeate’s published a work which improved with 3 assumption references. Then LJ King, in 1969, alluded to all seven assumptions yet he did so in an inaccurate and ambiguous manner. Similarly, Colenutt also wrote with regard to all seven assumptions. Though King was addressing geographers and Colenutt addressing planners, they share a similarity in that they both felt it necessary to warn their colleagues of the necessity to deal with the assumptions properly, yet both of them describe how to do so inadequately. After discussing this history of errant regression analysis in the relevant fields, Poole and Farrell transition to a review of the assumptions of linear models. Prior to addressing the assumptions, the model is first summarized. Poole and Farrell define the linear regression model as Y = a + [sum of (biXi)] + u where Y is the dependant variable; X1,…,Xi are i
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ECON%20discussion%20-%20Eric%20Bronstein - Summary of The...

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