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Letter to School- - plagiarism Plagiarism or failing to meet the academic honesty policy will result in dismissal from the class Refer to

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Dear Paul Osincup, This email is regarding an incident of academic misconduct by two students, Saeed Mohammed Alhajri (CSUID 829600164) and Ahmed Alnaemi (CSUID 829608305), in my Econometrics ECON 335. 810 online course during the Fall 2011 semester. Because of this academic misconduct, I am imposing a penalty of an extra twenty (20) points off of each of their exam scores. I want to give them a chance and am warning if it happens again next midterm exam or final exam, they will be failed in this course . The following is from my class information and syllabus: Academic honesty is imperative: To achieve the best possible learning experience, students must complete all of the assignments in the course on their own. If a student fails to complete their own work they are cheating themselves out of their education and are committing
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Unformatted text preview: plagiarism. Plagiarism, or failing to meet the academic honesty policy will result in dismissal from the class. Refer to http://learning.colostate.edu/integrity/index.cfm for specific information on Academic Integrity. When an offense occurs, the student receives a minimum of zero credit for the entire paper, exam, quiz, homework, lab, etc, in which the incident of academic dishonesty occurred up to a failing grade in the course. Mr.Alhajri and Mr. Alnaemi have been advised that he has the right to request a hearing by Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services relating to this incident. Please contact me about anything. Kind Regards, Department of Economics Colorado State University...
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