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MATH 1330 EXTRA CREDIT (2) - d d1 H0 population proportion...

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1) a) the parameter p explains the proportion of students who preferred brand A. When we multiply this by 100, it gives us the value in percentage that is the percentage of students who preferred brand A. b) phat=29/49=0.59. c) 99% confidence interval is given by phat±z aphla/2 sqrt(p*(1-p)/n) n=49, p=0.59, z aphla/2 =2.57 substituting we get 0.59 0.18=(0.41,0.77)
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Unformatted text preview: d) d1) H0: population proportion is 0.5 ie 50% of students preferred brand A H1: population propeotion is greater than 0.5, tht is more than 50% students preferred brand A. D2) test statistic Z=p-p0/ sqrt(p*(1-p)/n) Z=1.26 D3) p=0.1038 D4) since p value is greater than 0.05, we accept the null hypothesis and conclude that p=0.5...
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