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1. What are the four functions of management? Planning, Organizing, leading & Controlling 2. What are the seven D’s in decision making? Direction, Detection, Define, Decide, Develop, Deliver, Do it better 3. What are the differences between strategic, tactical, and operational planning? General Strategic Planning is known as long term planning. Operational planning is short term planning and tactic planning relates to in between both the above 4. How does enabling help achieve empowerment? Enabling is the key to the success of empowerment. Without the right education, training, coaching and tools, workers cannot assume the responsibilities and decision-making roles that make empowerment work. 5. What are the five steps in the control process? Fixing the control standards Measuring the actual performance Comparison Corrective action Follow up
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6. What are some of the changes happening in management today? Managers are being educated to guide, train, support and teach their employees rather than tell them what to do. 7. What does the terms division of labor and job specialization mean? Specialization in the production process - Complex jobs can usually be less expensively completed by a large number of people each performing a small number of specialized tasks than by one person attempting to complete the entire job. The idea that
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