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TPSL Discussion Entries

TPSL Discussion Entries - certain to name the concept fact...

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TPSL Discussion Entries Please enter your TPSL experiences in the “Discussion” section of Blackboard beginning with your first week of your TPSL placement and ending with the last week of your placement. You should post at least one paragraph per week of your TPSL experiences. One entry must be recorded each week . Several entries recorded once a month is disallowed. Examine your experience in terms of (1) the manner in which the experience relates to specific concepts, discussions, films, etc. that are course related and (2) the manner in which you see your own personal growth and development through this experience. Although you are not required to answer all of the following questions, you should respond to some of them. I expect you to write in a grammatically correct and coherent manner. Questions to consider are: * What specific concepts from this course are applicable to my TPSL experience? (Be
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Unformatted text preview: certain to name the concept, fact, theory, etc. and talk at about this!) *How has this experience supported the concept or theory we have studied? *How has it raised questions about it? *Do I need to re-think a concept or theory based on this experience? Why? How? *What did I learn about others and myself? Why is it important? What will I do because of it? *What impact did this experience have on me? *What did I do that was effective and how was it effective? *What did I do that seemed to be ineffective and how could I have done it differently? *What values, opinions, decisions that I might have held have changed through this experience? *What has surprised me about the agency with which I have worked, the people I work with, and myself?...
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