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Psych 205, Fall 2010 Review for Quiz 4 Quiz 4 will include all lectures on adolescence and Chapters 14-15. The following areas/concepts are significant in terms of your preparation for the quiz. Be certain you understand these concepts and are prepared to apply them to examples. Theories of Adolescence and pertinent concepts of each theory (Hall, Mead& Benedict, S. Freud and A. Freud, Erikson, Marcia, Piaget, Elkind) Major features of Piaget’s Formal Operational Stage Major Features of Adolescent thinking Information Processing explanation for adolescent thinking Cultural contextual explanation for adolescent thinking Physical aspects of adolescence, timing, sequence, and signs; gender similarities and
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Unformatted text preview: differences, early vs. late maturation; secondary sexual characteristics Changes in the brain Relationship between hormones and emotional development and response Sexual activity in adolescence HIV/Aids Tanner and major contributors to adolescent growth and development Theories of Moral Development (Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilligan) Parental and Peer influences on and responses to adolescent development Sexual identity issues in adolescence and gender differences Sexual minority youth Emotional problems in adolescence; externalizing vs. internalizing approaches Adolescent friendships, contributors to Ethnic identity...
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