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Name ID 1. The following expenses may NOT qualify as deductions for representative expenses for CIT purposes: a) Payments for interpreters’ services b) Arrangements for entertainment c) Reception and service of persons that came to the Board of Directors meeting and that are not on taxpayer’s payroll d) Hire of transport for the participants of Board of Directors meeting to reach the place of meeting 2. The claim of legal person for repayment of supply of goods not executed within three years may be: a) May be deducted in the amount not exceeding the sales income recognized earlier b) May decrease the taxable income if supporting documents are available c) Must decrease taxable income if supporting documents are available d) Cannot be written off 3. The losses from the business activity are: a) Carried forward for 10 years inclusively, except losses incurred under contracts for subsurface usage, which are carried forward for 7 years inclusively b) Carried forward for 10 years inclusively
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Unformatted text preview: c) Carried forward for 10 years inclusively by the tax request of the taxpayer d) Cannot be carried forward 4. The following payments are taxed by individual income tax: a) Addressed social aid from the budget b) Dividends from Kazakhstani company, 10% of shares owned by the taxpayer c) Salary and other payments to employee made by employer d) Compensation for harm to life and health of a person 5. The tax period for individual income tax withheld by tax agent at source of payment is: a) Calendar quarter b) Calendar year c) Calendar month d) All answers are correct 6. The subsurface users pay the bonuses: a) As fixed payments b) At regressive rate c) At floating rate d) No correct answer 7. The tax base for bonus of commercial discovery is: a) Cost of sold amount of natural resources b) Cost of extracted amount of natural resources c) Cost of volume of deposit of natural resources as registered with authorities d) All answers are correct...
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