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Chapter 11 Vocab 1. multitasking 2. page table 3. page fault 4. ready state to the running statements 5. timer interrupt 6. hypervisor 7. FCFS (first come first serve) 8. multithreaded 9. real time scheduling, program cycle 10. system overhead 11. preemptive 12. dispatching, scheduler 13. virtual 14. blocked stat 15. swap space 16. concurrent 17. contiguous memory allocation 18. command layer, service layer, kernel layer 19. page 20. virtual 21. noncontinuous 22. page frame 23. process control block 24. shortest time remaining 25. interrupt, PUSHed, supervisor 26. address resolution 27. thread 28. big, most significant byte, little, least significant 29. absolute addressing, indirect addressing 30. offset register Review 1. The kernel manages hardware resources and interacts directly with hardware. It includes a resource allocation layer and interface programs called device drivers for each hardware device. The service layer is an interface to components that provide functions called from applications, ranging from file and folder manipulation to accessing I/O devices, starting and stopping programs, allocating memory, and creating, moving, and resizing GUI windows. The command layer provides a user interface to the OS for managing hardware and software resources. 2.A real resource exists physically in a computer system. A virtual resource is available for use by a program or user but might not exist physically or might not be available during the entire execution of the program. 3.The goals of OS resource allocation are minimize system overhead while achieving acceptable levels of throughput and reliability. Allocation decisions that make more resources
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Chapter 11 available to programs typically require more complex allocation procedure, and ensuring higher levels of reliability requires more extensive oversight procedures. However, increasing the complexity of both procedures consumes more hardware resources when these procedures are
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11 - Chapter 11 Vocab 1 multitasking 2 page table 3 page...

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