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application - development and design I have also trained in...

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Pedrum Golriz 5303 Wyndholme Cirlcle Baltimore,MD 21229 240-643-9233 [email protected] October 3, 2011 Ms. Camille White Carton Donofrio One Charles street Unit 5202 21229 Baltimore, MD Dear Ms. White: I am writing in response to the job listing on your website. Would you please consider me for the position for Web Developer. I believe my experience and academic training would qualify me for this position. I have been in this field for over five years and learned countless methods in web development. My education at University of Maryland Baltimore County has given me a strong background in the field. I have concentrated most of my training in web
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Unformatted text preview: development and design. I have also trained in electrical engineering and won the Auto-Cad design project my first year. While working with the several web companies in the past, I have expanded my level of practice and complexity. In addition, I have also created my own web development company. The enclosed resume provides an overview of my education and experience. I would like to meet you at your convenience to discuss my qualifications for this position. Please write to me at 5303 Wyndholme circle Baltimore Md, 21229 or leave a message at 240-643-9233. Kind Regards, Pedrum Golriz...
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