ass6 - Vocab 1. refresh cycles 2. data transfer rate 3....

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Vocab 1. refresh cycles 2. data transfer rate 3. cdrom, dvdrom, bdrom 4. dvd-rw, dvd+rw, dvdram 5. read/write 6. magnetic leakage, magnetic delay 7. hard disk drive 8. volatile 9. EPROM, ROM, magnetic resisive ram, phase change memory ram 10. access time 11. head to head switching time, track to track seek time, rotational delay 12. access arm 13. radom, direct, parallel 14. helical scanning 15. LTO, STLT (linear tape open) (digital linear tape) 16. solid-state-drive 17. track 18. data transfer unit 19. cd-da, dvd, bd 20. serial access, disk drives 21. defrag 22. SIMM/DIMM (single in line memory, dual inline memory) 32bit vs 64bit 23. areal 24. block, sector 25. firmware 26. qic (quarter inch cartridge) Review Questions 1. The most important factor is the device size and, therefore, the distance electricity must travel to enable the device to perform its function. Another factor is resistance of the internal conductive pathways, which is a function of the materials composing these pathways and the device’s operating temperature. Packing density, the type of packaging, and the presence or absence of heat dissipation mechanisms influence operating temperature, which influences resistance and reliability. 2. The most important differences are speed and cost. Static RAM is 5 to 10 times faster and approximately 10 times more expensive than dynamic RAM. Static RAM is composed entirely of transistors, and dynamic RAM is composed of transistors and capacitors. Capacitors require frequent recharging, which slows access time. 3.
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ass6 - Vocab 1. refresh cycles 2. data transfer rate 3....

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