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Steps of photolithography: 1.coating of photoresist and si substrate 2.exposure 3.aqueous base development 4.transfer 5.strip A chip package is what surrounds the integrated circuit die and connects the die's pads to the packages external pins. They are often a chip carriers, or IC packages. The consequences of misprediction are relatively severe as it is then necessary to flush the pipeline, reload the corrected sequence of program instructions and restart execution at the cost of many processor cycles. No, RDRAM is more expensive than SDRAM because RDRAM is theoretically faster, but there are no applications that need
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Unformatted text preview: the 2GB+ memory bandwidth. The design philosophy of EPIC processors places the compiler in control of the plan of execution (POE) and uses the compiler toe xploit the rich instruction level parallelism (ILP) features provided by the hardware to achieve the high performance. Such design philosophy makes EPIC processors appropriate for high performance real-time systems. IA-64 is at a disadvantage because the K8 is a much more traditional core with high-frequencies and a 3-way superscalar design. Compilers have been designed and made with such architectures in mind for the past 10+ years....
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