Old T3 - IS 310 Section 1 Fall 2009 Test 3 Name:_ Multiple...

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IS 310 Section 1 Fall 2009 Test 3 Name:_____________________________ Multiple Choice- 2 points each. Place the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question in the blank provided. ____ 1. Access time is typically stated in ____ for secondary storage devices and nanosecondsz for primary storage devices. a. microseconds c. milliseconds b. nanoseconds d. picoseconds ____ 2. The speed at which data can be moved over a communication channel is called the channel's ____. a. cycle time c. access time b. data transfer rate d. clock speed ____ 3. Which of the following is not a direct access storage device? a. magnetic disk c. magnetic tape b. optical disk d. RAM ____ 4. Which of the following statements is not correct? a. Data is written to a linear storage medium in a specific order and can be read back only in that same order. b. All primary storage devices and disk storage devices are random access devices. c. Access time for a random access storage device must be a constant. d. Parallel access can also be achieved by subdividing data items and storing the component pieces on multiple storage devices. ____ 5. What type of RAM requires frequent refresh cycles to maintain its data content? a. dynamic c. synchronous b. static d. enhanced ____ 6. Software programs permanently stored in a read only memory (ROM) are called ____. a. software c. hardware b. firmware d. vaporware ____ 7. Average access time can usually be improved by ____ the data content of a disk. a. defragmenting c. offsetting b. randomizing d. recharging ____ 8. The ____ is the communication channel that connects all computer system components. a.
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Old T3 - IS 310 Section 1 Fall 2009 Test 3 Name:_ Multiple...

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