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Unformatted text preview: Student Solutions Manual for Physics, 5 th Edition by Halliday, Resnick, and Krane The Internet Short Edition Paul Stanley [email protected] The Internet Short Edition 1 This is the Internet Short Edition, made available to you because of a slight delay in the release of the print version. The entire book should be available for purchase at your bookstore by mid to late September. Here are the solutions to approximately 25% of the exercises and problems. Enjoy your reading, but remember that reading my solutions will make a poor substitute for deriving your own. I have tried to be very consistent in my units, showing them at all times. After the first few chapters, however, I begin to assume that you have mastered some of the more common conversions, such as minutes to seconds or years to hours. I have usually respected the rules for significant figures in calculations throughout; usually, but not always, this meant only two or three significant figures are shown. When intermediate calculations are done I used the significant figures from those calculations, so expect rounding to have occurred. The answers in the back of the book are also written to the correct number of significant digits, but sometimes the results from intermediate calculations were left at whatever the calculator came up with. Consequently, we don’t always agree, and neither will you. Each question has been answered by at least two people, and our answers agree within the errors expected from rounding of significant figures. There are, however, a few exceptions, because part of this text was written in Tabakea’s mwaneaba in the hills of Delainavesi on Viti Levu ( ti aki toki ni moi te nangkona n te tairiki ), and I wasn’t able to communicate discrepancies. I don’t think it was me that made the mistake; however, if you do find a mistake, and let me know, you might be entered in a drawing which could have as a grand prize a monetary award in excess of 10,000,000 nano-dollars! At the very least, I’ll probably acknowledge the first sender of each significant contribution which is incorporated into any revision. At times I may have been too complete in my descriptions. Forgive my verbosity. I want to give special thanks to Tebanimarawa Stanley for scanning in what must have felt like thousands of pages of text and helping to convert this text to L A T E X; Andrea Katz for checking my math; Jessica Helms, Alison Hill, and Nicole Imhof for punching holes in the rough drafts and keeping track of the numerous handwritten notes on the various edits. Additionally I must thank Ken Krane and David Halliday for their positive com- ments and good suggestions, and also Aliza Atik and Stuart Johnson from John Wiley for relentlessly encouraging me to finish on time....
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sm - Student Solutions Manual for Physics, 5 th Edition by...

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