E. Bailey-Greene additional lesson plans

E. Bailey-Greene additional lesson plans - Emmanuelle...

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Emmanuelle Bailey-Greene Unit Lesson Plan Fall 2011 Monday: Plastic Bag Seeds Procedure o The materials needed for this experiment are a plastic glove for each child, five different types of seeds for each child, and a water dropper for each child. o To begin this experiment, give each child a water dropper, a plastic glove, and five different seeds. To ensure the best possible results, it is important to get seeds that are likely to grow quickly, such as bean sprouts or peas. After a basic discussion on how seeds grow, possibly accompanied by a book detailing the process or a chronological chart, have each child place a seed in each finger of the glove and use the water dropper to place five drops of water on each seed. Roll up each child’s glove, clip the end, and poke holes in the glove to let oxygen reach the seeds. o At the end of the week, the plants will have started to grow, and a circle observation of the progress will be stimulating for the children, along with a comparison of their plants to the book or chart that was used on Monday to describe the process of plant growth. Assessment o The assessment will consist primarily of the circle discussion that will occur at the end of the week. Each child should be encouraged to compare results to the chart or book as well as to each other. While some leading
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may be necessary in order to facilitate the learning process, open ended questions will create an environment that is friendly to critical thinking. Cause and effect relationships will also be examined in this exercise( If I put a seed with water, a plant will grow ). o While the assessment style is loose, great care must be taken to ensure that every child understands the process that is occurring during the experiment. Bloom o Cognitive learning is achieved through the learning of the actual growing process. o Affective learning is carried out by the parent-child interactions that will occur after this experiment. On Friday, children will take the plastic gloves home with them, and parents will be encouraged to maintain the plants outside of the gloves, planting them in a small pot of soil that the
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E. Bailey-Greene additional lesson plans - Emmanuelle...

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