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E. Bailey-Greene research paper synopsis

E. Bailey-Greene research paper synopsis - Period of the...

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Emmanuelle Bailey-Greene General Biology II Anthony Ejiofor Fall 2011 Research Paper Synopsis The evolution of stomata in land plants Stomata are tiny pores located in the endodermis of plant leaves and, to a lesser extent, stems. They control gas exchange, allowing carbon dioxide to enter the plant while also releasing water. The delicate balance between the two processes played a large role adaptation to the evolutionary move to land by many plants, beginning in the Silurian
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Unformatted text preview: Period of the Paleozoic Era. This paper will investigate the evolutionary development of stomata in relation to the evolutionary development of land plants, focusing on the changes in density and placement of stomata throughout the course of history. In addition, this paper will explore the relationship between Earth’s changing biological processes and the development of stomata as a necessary physiological component of nearly all land plants....
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