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E. Bailey-Greene midterm - Name:EmmanuelleBaileyGreene...

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Name: Emmanuelle Bailey-Greene Psych 3120 MID-COURSE EXAMINATION Directions: Select the best response for each of the following items. Some of the items ask you to identify one of the item’s four choices that is not in the same category as the other three choices. In such instances, the not in the item’s stem will always be italicized. 1. Which of the following is not a traditionally cited reason classroom teachers need to know about assessment? A. So teachers can monitor students’ progress. B. So teachers can assign grades to students. C. So teachers can diagnose students’ strengths and weaknesses. D. So teachers can clarify their instructional intentions. 2. A history teacher, Mrs. Scroggins, tries to determine the consistency of her tests by occasionally re-administering them to her students, then seeing how much similarity there was in the way her students performed. What kind of reliability evidence is Mrs. Scroggins attempting to collect? A. Stability B. Alternate form C. Internal consistency D. None of the above 3. Which of the following statements best describes the relationship among the three sanctioned forms of reliability evidence? A. All three types of evidence are essentially equivalent. B. Stability reliability evidence is more important than either internal-consistency evidence or alternate-form evidence. C. The three forms of evidence represent fundamentally different ways of representing a test’s consistency. D. The three forms of evidence differ in their significance because internalconsistency evidence of a test’s reliability is a necessary condition for the other two types of consistency. 4. Test-retest data regarding assessment consistency is an instance of:
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A. Stability reliability B. Alternate-form reliability C. Internal-consistency reliability D. None of the above 5. The standard error of measurement is focused chiefly on: A. Construct-related evidence of validity B. Content-related evidence of validity C. Criterion-related evidence of validity D. None of the above 6. Intervention studies, differential-population studies, and related-measures studies are all instances of ways to collect: A. Content-related evidence of validity B. Criterion-related evidence of validity C. Construct-related evidence of validity D. None of the above 7. Which one of the following statements could be technically correct? A. “The test-based inference is valid.”
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E. Bailey-Greene midterm - Name:EmmanuelleBaileyGreene...

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