E. Bailey-Greene Philosophy of Instruction and Assessment

E. Bailey-Greene Philosophy of Instruction and Assessment -...

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Emmanuelle Bailey-Greene Psych 3120 Fall 2011 Philosophy of Instruction and Assessment I feel that the learning process involves effort both on my part and on the part of the parent of every child in my classroom. Furthermore, I believe that if true effort is put forth, that every student has the capabilities to ace every assessment given. With that being said, I believe that assessment should act as a positive reinforcement for the child as well as a measure of my success as an instructor. It is my opinion that the education of any child in the classroom should be comprehensive, while encouraging creativity and critical thinking. I do not believe that the assessment process should crush a child’s spirit and that if a student seems to be struggling with a particular concept, as evidenced through assessment, that it is my and the parents’ duties to create a systematic solution that will make class time a successful,
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Unformatted text preview: motivating experience. I would like for each child to have a readiness to learn, to understand that repeated items are most often important, and to have a genuine emotional interest vested in the learning process. I believe that if every student meets those three conditions, that it is my duty to ensure the best possible instruction, which will be reflected in test scores and other forms of assessment. This will provide positive reinforcement that will continue the cycle of educational success. Every student should be able to pass every assessment with flying colors as long as a proper support system is build in the class and continued at home. I believe that every child should experience a significant amount of success academically and socially in the classroom; so much so that he or she will become a lifelong learner....
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E. Bailey-Greene Philosophy of Instruction and Assessment -...

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