E. Bailey-Greene Position Paper

E. Bailey-Greene Position Paper - Emmanuelle Bailey-Greene...

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Emmanuelle Bailey-Greene Measurement and Evaluation in Public Schools Dr. Margaret Wilson Fall 2011 Position Paper Since the beginnings of assessment in the public school system, educators have sought to find a uniform way of measuring success in students and the educational system. This assessment often comes in the form of state and national standardized tests designed to provide quantifiable information about the goals students should be meeting at various educational periods. Unfortunately, because standardized test scores are a quantifiable means of measuring not only students, but the educators, many teachers have started to build lesson plans to complete test criteria instead of to reach curriculum goals. This leads to a lack of true retention of necessary skills by students. “A classroom where learning is always pointed to a test is one where ideas, and the act of reading, are experienced as just so many means to an end” (Kohn 2010). For that reason as well as others, it is my belief that standardized tests should not be the sole measurement used to determine academic success. I sincerely believe that standardized tests favor the wealthy.
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E. Bailey-Greene Position Paper - Emmanuelle Bailey-Greene...

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