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Tennessee State University Professional Education Unit Department of Teaching and Learning Measurement and Assessment in the Classroom Psych 3120 Fall Semester, 2011 Instructor : Margaret Mary Wilson, Ed.D. Phone :(615)306-9366 E-mail : mwilson32@tnstate.edu Office Location: Class Days/Times : R 5:00 pm -8:00 pm Office Hours : By appointment Pre-requisites Admission to Teacher Education for persons seeking certification. Required Text(s) Popham, W. James (2010). Classroom Assessment: What Teachers Need To Know. (6th Ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. ISBN 978-0-700235-1 Professional Education Theme: Competent and Caring Facilitators of Learning, Committed to Diversity and the Success of All Catalog Description This course examines research, theory, and practice relevant to learning, teaching, and assessment. In this course, we will look at assessment practices that are linked to classroom teaching and our understanding of how students learn. You will develop products relevant to instruction and assessment, based on our understanding of human learning. Course Proficiencies* (*Course proficiencies are based on the seven (7) Key Performance Areas which have identified by the Professional Education Unit. The complete listing of Key Performance Areas is available at HYPERLINK "http://www.tnstate.edu/coeweb " www.tnstate.edu/coeweb -> student resources -> key performance areas.) Knowledge and Skills KS1.B Plans instruction and student evaluation based on an in depth understanding of the content, student needs, curriculum standards, and the community. 1B.2 Plans and designs instruction and evaluation aligned with state academic content standards and state performance indicators that are developmentally appropriate for all students. KS1.C Adapts instructional opportunities for diverse learners. 1c. 1 Uses aggregated and disaggregated data from state assessments, and classroom formal and informal assessments to identify the diverse needs of students as a whole class, as groups, and as individuals. 1c.2 Plans and designs content instruction that is developmentally appropriate and includes strategies, activities, and assessments appropriate to the content and learner. KS3.A: Uses appropriate evaluation and assessments to determine student mastery of content and make instructional decisions. 3a1. Aligns classroom assessments with state performance indicators and grade level accomplishments.
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3a2. Uses multiple evaluations and assessments to evaluate student mastery of content and to inform instruction for the class as a whole, as individuals, and within diverse groups. KS3.B: Communicates student achievement and progress to students, their parents, and appropriate others. 3b2. Maintains correct and useful records of student work within the content area and communicates student performance correctly and responsibly to students, parents, and other stakeholders, with prompt and useful feedback given to students. Ks3.C:
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other psych syllabus - Tennessee State University...

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