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group reflection paper

group reflection paper - One of the strengths of our group...

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Emmanuelle Bailey-Greene Group Project Reflection Paper Principles of Human Sexuality Fall 2011 I recently worked in a group setting to complete a research project about the herpes simplex virus. It was the first group project I have completed during my time at Tennessee State University, and was definitely an eye opener to different types of group members. The project was not extremely time intensive and did not require an extensive amount of research because there were so many group members. I felt that belonging to a larger group of people definitely took the workload off of any individual person, which was beneficial to the overall morale of the group. Despite individual differences in work styles (e.g., some people were very efficient and goal based, while others were very slow and methodical), we all complemented each other, which led to a successful project.
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Unformatted text preview: One of the strengths of our group was that we were easily able to divide the project into individual sections. Even though we had so many group members, it was not difficult to collectively brainstorm to create a multi-faceted final presentation. Everyone in my group was very mindful of meeting deadlines, showing up to group meetings, and pulling his or her own weight. I had never been in a group where there weren’t one or two people that basically completed the entire project. Because of that, I may have been a bit overbearing at the beginning of the project, but my group members quickly made it clear that everyone in the group was going to play an equal role in the project’s completion. If I had to do something different, I would come into future projects with a more open mind about each group member’s participation....
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