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Emmanuelle Bailey-Greene Reflection Paper Principles of Human Sexuality Fall 2011 I am a transfer student from a predominantly White, private university in Illinois. Naturally, when I transferred to Tennessee State University, I knew that there would be some cultural changes that would accompany the change in schools and location. For example, I anticipated to experience a more conservative population than I did in the North. Before my experiences in this course, I really had not had a chance to interact with many people, so imagine my surprise when on the first day of class, people are openly discussing sex, in both negative and positive ways. As soon as class was over for the day, I called one of my best friends to tell her about how these Southerners were talking about sex and dating just like we did. I came to the conclusion that I had been severely mistaken in my preconceptions about
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Unformatted text preview: this different culture. Without even realizing it, I had prejudged everyone in the South in a negative fashion, which I never would have expected from myself. I was extremely grateful for having taken this class because even from the beginning, it has definitely helped me recognize and subsequently stop holding all of the negative preconceptions I had about people in the South. I realized that I too am susceptible to being a judgmental person, which for me, is a very shocking concept. I am appreciative for being able to come to such a monumental realization so early in the semester, and am sure that this class will only continue to open my mind and broaden my horizons. I have definitely started to break down the walls I had surrounding the issue of making real, deep connections with people down here and I sincerely hope that the trend will continue....
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