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Research Paper - Introduction The beginning and...

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Introduction The beginning and development of romantic relationships have always been a subject of discussion among researchers. A relationship’s end occurs for a variety of reasons, unique to each one. Many times, a communication breakdown significantly alters the state of a relationship, ending it if the deterioration continues. Research Question : What causes the communication breakdown in most relationships? The following research will identify twenty participants’ opinions on the causes of communication breakdown, focusing on the possibility of a relationship between sex and communication. Hypothesis : It is hypothesized that a lack of sex will be the leading cause of communication breakdown in relationships. Furthermore, in monogamous African-American heterosexual relationships with both partners being between the ages of 20 and 30, there may be a direct correlation between the average amount of sex experienced on a monthly basis and the quality of the relationship as reported by the individuals in the relationship. Monogamous is defined as having sex only with the other person in the relationship and being under the impression that the other party is equally as committed to the relationship. African-American is defined as a person born and raised in America with African descent. Heterosexual is defined as a conventional relationship between a man and a woman. Sex is defined as vaginal or anal penetration of a woman by a man’s penis. Finally, quality of relationship is defined as the subjective caliber of productive openness as experienced by each party in the relationship. The prediction for this research is for a positively linear correlation to
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exist between the average amount of sex and the quality of the relationship under the aforementioned conditions. Methods Demographics : All participants of this study will be of African-American descent, between the ages of 20 and 30, heterosexual, parties in monogamous relationships, completed at least one year of post secondary education, earn less than $30K annually, and are unmarried. A series of open-ended questions will be utilized. Using both quantitative and qualitative questions will create a better understanding of the results. Data will be quantified as much as possible in order to improve statistical reliability. Participants will be interviewed individually, and both parties of a relationship may or may not be included in the study. Results will be collected on an individual basis in order to ensure a greater level of openness and honesty. Results According to Figure One, the leading cause for a deterioration of communication is a lack of intimacy (five), followed by a lack of sex (four), and a lack of trust and dishonesty (three each). Maturity differences constituted two of the twenty perceived causes. The most negligible causes of a communication breakdown were cheating, conflict avoidance, and financial issues (one each). According to Table One, age, educational status, and
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