Fundamentals of Corporate Finance + Standard & Poor's Educational Version of Market Insight

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ACFI 701 Case #3 This case requires you to accomplish several tasks related to compensation, governance, and acquisitions. All cases MUST be typed (25% reduction for hand-written material), single-spaced , free of grammatical and typographical errors, and submitted to me no later than Wednesday, May 5 th , at the end of class. Major grammatical and all typographical errors will be penalized 5% each, up to 50% of the grade, so plan to proofread your case very carefully before submitting it to me. You should probably also have someone else help with the proofreading. I will be leaving town right after class on Wednesday and not returning until after the weekend and will likely not have access to email while I am away. Thus, late cases, by which I mean ANY case submitted to me in any form after the end of class on Wednesday, will be considered late and will automatically be marked down by 15%. I am serious about this, so please don’t even ask for an extension and the shrewd student will plan to submit the case to me early so that any last minute disasters (faulty disks, failures of the printer, consumption by a household pet, etc…) can be avoided. The case is somewhat lengthy and will require a fair amount of time to complete. I am quite confident that if you wait until one or two days before the case is due to begin working on it, you will struggle to complete it before the deadline. I will not be available during the early part of the week that the case is due to help students start the project. In addition, in order to me fair to everyone, I will not be able to provide too many insights into exactly how to solve this case. I can answer questions to clarify what you are being asked to accomplish, but it is up to you to decide what is the correct method to answer the questions. You should respond to each of the questions/tasks below on a separate sheet of paper. All responses should be typed, including tables. If you are unfamiliar with creating tables in Word, the help feature is quite good and I can clear up any questions you have AFTER you have tried the help feature. Some ideas: You may want to get some ideas of how to answer many of the questions by looking at what exactly real firms in the industry do. A good place to get information about companies is from their annual reports and proxy statements. The proxy, in particular, gives information about compensation policy and board structures. You can find proxies for the vast majority of traded companies online at EDGAR, which can be accessed through Lexis-Nexis at (there is an underscore between “s” and “secfile”).
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Case3 - ACFI 701 Case#3 This case requires you to...

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