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MKT 3401 Spring 2006 Exam #3 Exam #3 Statistics The following question proved to be overwhelmingly problematic with approximately 70% of you answering incorrectly and, as a result, everyone received credit for this question: When a product is in the growth stage of its product life cycle: a. all elements of the promotional mix are equally important b. heavy advertising is used to build brand loyalty c. persuasive and reminder advertising is decreased d. personal selling is ineffective e. personal selling and sales promotions are the major elements of the promotional mix used 212 individuals took Exam #2 : mean = 87% (i.e., the average score) median = 90% (i.e., the score in the middle of the set) mode = 88% (i.e., the most frequently occurring score) # individuals adjusted score between : 107 90 – 100% (A) 67 80 – 89% (B) 24 70 – 79% (C) 12 60 – 69% (D) 2 59% or less (F) Exam #3 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 5 4 6 0 8 7 2 9 1 scores # individuals
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1. Tyler is responsible for developing a plan for the optimal use of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations. Tyler is developing a: a. promotional strategy b. set of promotion goals c. marketing mix d. communication mix e. selling plan ANS: A REF: 480 OBJ: 14-1 TYPE: Def 2. People who love to fish prefer American Magic Lures that are cut from ash or cedar and then hand-painted and hand-tied with a feather skirt. Advertising for American Magic Lures emphasizes how its lures, unlike others, are all handcrafted. This is its: a. publicity objective b. marketing differentiator c. competitive advantage d. one-to-one marketing advantage e. sales promotional theme ANS: C A competitive advantage is a set of unique features of a company and its products perceived by the target market as significant and superior to the competition. It is not the result of publicity; it is design and production based. Since this is advertising, the sales promotion theme may or may not agree; there is no indication of IMC. REF: 480 OBJ: 14-1 TYPE: App 3. The American Plastics Council wants to create more consumer demand for products that are packaged in plastic. An article in Business Week magazine about how the council plans to stimulate consumer demand would be an example of: a. direct selling b. news marketing c. publicity d. cause marketing e. direct marketing ANS: C Publicity is public information in mass media about a company and its products. REF: 482 OBJ: 14-2 TYPE: App 4. A channel in communication is: a. the only source of noise b. the same as in distribution c. usually an ad agency or public relations firm d. someone who places advertising into media e. any communication medium ANS: E A channel is the transmitter of the message such as a voice, gesture, radio, newspaper, or any other communication medium. REF:
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*Marketing-Exam-3 - MKT 3401 Spring 2006 Exam#3 Exam#3...

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