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Exam-3-study-guide. - 3 What is the difference between pioneering competitive and comparative advertising Remember with examples You might get a

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Exam 3 study guide: Chapter 14: 1. What is promotion strategy? 2. What are the 4 promotional mixes? 3. What is advertising and what are the various advertising media? Their advantages and disadvantages. 4. What is public relations and its characteristics? 5. What are sales promotion and personal selling and their characteristics? 6. What is the communication process? Know it in detail: the senders, encoders, decoders, message channel and the noise. 7. AIDA concept and promotional mix. 8. Factors affecting the choice of promotional mix, especially with respect to the product life cycle. 9. Pull and push strategy. 10. What is integrated marketing communications? 11. If I give you a product and ask which stage of its life cycle it is in? What is the target market? What is the channel of distribution? Whether distribution of intensive, dual or extensive? What sort of promotion is effective? Chapter 15: 1. What is advertising response function? 2. Difference between institutional and product advertising with examples.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What is the difference between pioneering, competitive and comparative advertising? Remember with examples. You might get a situation and be asked what type of advertising it is. 4. How does an ad normally look like? 5. Know the DAGMAR approach and its steps. 6. Which is a better form of advertising: attribute based or benefit based? Know with examples. 7. Different types of advertising appeals: profit, health, fear, fun etc with examples. 8. What is USP? 9. Types of advertising media: newspaper, magazines, etc and know the advantages and disadvantages. 10. What is cooperative advertising? 11. Know examples of alternative media. 12. What are the media mix decisions? 13. Different types of media scheduling: when do you have the different types? 14. What is the role and functions of public relations? 15. What are public relations tools? 16. What is crisis management?...
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