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3401_Final exam3 : Practice Questions True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. _______1. Marketers typically use either a push or a pull strategy exclusively. _______2. A person buying a Valentine's Day gift for his significant other is more likely to go through all of the steps in the AIDA process than a person buying a gift certificate for her mail carrier. _______3. Sales promotion is a promotional tool generally used to stimulate consumer buying and dealer effectiveness. _______4. Frigo Design has developed easy-to-install panel sets to update any refrigerator, dishwasher, or compactor made since 1942. The company has found that its new product cannot be patented. Frigo Design panels are in the introductory stage of the product life cycle, and as yet have no direct competition. Its promotional objectives should be persuasion. _______5. Raz and Nasim are arguing about newspaper publicity. Raz says favorable publicity is free--hence the phrase "free publicity." Nasim says that publicity is not free because costs were incurred in developing the public relations materials used by the newspapers. Raz has a more accurate grasp of the definition of publicity. _______6. Although beliefs and attitudes are separate concepts, they are closely interrelated. _______7. After increasing the price for a product if the manager sees a rise in revenue he would conclude that the product is showing elastic demand. _______8. F____Reading about the experience of soldiers in Iraq is an example of experiential learning. _______9. F____By keeping the blue triangle in the corner and the Nabisco name on several similar Nabisco snack products, Nabisco is attempting to capitalize on stimulus discrimination. ______10. When a marketer sends a message to its target market, the marketer must first decode the symbols used. Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 11. For convenience, pricing objectives can be divided into three categories. They are: a. refundable, competitive, and attainable b. perceived, actual, and unique-situational c. differentiated, niche, and undifferentiated d. profit-oriented, sales-oriented, and status quo e. monopolistic, fixed, and variable 12. An organization is using _____ when it sets its prices so that total revenue is as large as possible relative to total costs. a. profit maximization b. market share pricing c. demand-oriented pricing d. sales maximization e. status quo pricing 13. A penetration pricing strategy tends to be most effective: a. when demand is relatively inelastic b. under unitary conditions c. in price-sensitive markets d. when the company can only perform small production runs e. if unit costs are high 14. A Rhode Island-based catalog retailer features cast-iron skillets. Its customers in New England are charged one shipping rate, and customers west of the Rocky Mountains are charged a different rate. Customers in the Southeastern states are charged yet another rate. What kind of geographical pricing is the catalog using?
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practise_test_final_3 - 3401_Final exam3 : Practice...

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