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Marketing Mix Senica Henry MKT/421 November 27, 2011 Rebecca Robbins
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Kudler fine foods Kudler is a Food store that serves fresh gourmet food to the community. The company started off from one store and branched off into two other stores. Kudler has so far used local means to market its product to consumers. Kudler Fine Foods has used school yearbooks, flyers and local radio stations to help get them to different areas, but all of these are in a safe zone which the company has capitalized on. This paper will outline some strategies for the company to take for expansion to different consumers as well as outline areas where they can capitalize on their competition. This paper will also identify areas of weakness where more marketing strategies are needed in the company to improve the current market that it already has established. Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food store that has since its opening expanded into two other stores and received good community acceptance. The company till today has relied solely on the marketing strategy of using local event to push itself forward and into the lap of consumers. The strategies that Kudler has used are what are considered basic marketing. Kudler has used school yearbooks and flyers to market its product to different consumers. This marketing strategy is good because it helps to get a buzz on the store going but, this form of marketing can only go so far and can over time dwindle down to being not as effective. The store also uses the local newspaper in marketing its product which is a good move because the newspaper reaches a range that the school yearbook will not. This strategy id good but it is still utilizing the older ways of marketing which are advertisements through print. Print since the time
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Kudler fine foods - Marketing Mix Senica Henry MKT/421...

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